Thursday, December 4, 2008

Benefits of Email Marketing

Hey Guys,

I discovered that most of the success online businesses have one in common, they definitely have a proper email marketing management or campaign. Email marketing plays a very important role to bring your business to a higher level and get ahead of other competitors. (If You play it well).

Now, let me share some of the benefits that email marketing campaign can provide to your company:

  • Quick Lead Generation - Email has quick output and quick response for lead generation
  • Selectivity - Email offers the same list selectivity as traditional list rental
  • Media Reinforcement - Email can be an adjunct to any media to quickly reinforce a message, product announcement, latest promotion, trade show and many more...
  • Cost Effective - Email is extremely cost effective on a cost per contact basis for customer acquisition
  • Higher Response - Overall responses may be higher as only relevant information will be sent and yet the recipient has been agreed and expecting to receive it.
  • Lower Cost - Papers, posters, greeting cards, annual reports, memos and postage cost all are not need. All these can be replace by using email.
  • Privacy Issues - Subscribers choose or subscribes to receive email or information which they prefer. They recognize the sender id/name and are always given the choice to opt out. This addresses the privacy issue directly and again assures a responsive audience.
  • Trackable - Email is also a trackable medium, every email sent out, message open rate and action taken by the audience is all being track down by a special tracking sytem.
  • No Postal Undeliverables - Undeliverables are quickly identified and an effort is made to correct them and resend.
For my conclusion, applying email marketing strategies it's not very expensive, it's not very hard and it can bring you better in ROI and CRM.

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