Monday, May 11, 2009

How to avoid email messages get into outbox?

Hi Guys,

I am sure many of you questioning... Why the emails I sent out most of them went into spam or junk box?

Well there are few reasons that cause emails went into spam or junk mail...

One of the reasons is the email content or email creative you wrote... it contains of sensitive keywords... another meaning is that your emails contain of spam words... What are the words that cause spam?

There are few rules need to be follow when writing email message from preventing it from getting into junk mail...

Below are some of the spam words and rules and regulation:


click here
reward offers
free try
free trial
Try it Now
Risk Free
Weight lose
lose weight
credit card
home loan
government grant
and many more
up to
make money from home
free sample
all natural

Rules and regulation:

1. Don't put "Free" in front of the subject line
2. Cannot have 2 or more exclamation mark on the subject line
3. Cannot have 2 or more weird symbols
4. Cannot have full capital letter words in one sentence e.g. TRY THIS SPECIAL FRAGRANCE NOW!
5. Don't start your subject line with Numbers. E.g 10 days free trial for SlimSplash

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